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Bedrock Earthscapes, LLC serves commercial clients throughout Wheaton, Carol Stream, West Chicago, Hoffman Estates, Naperville, Downers Grove, Schaumburg, St. Charles and surrounding areas installing created native plantings and maintaining both natural and created native areas. Native landscapes are much more cost effective than traditional commercial landscapes. Why continue to waste your profits and use limited natural resources mowing extensive turf areas? Why not use those dollars to help grow your business instead? Bedrock Earthscapes, LLC can convert your existing landscape and help you experience long term economic, environmental and social value by using native plantings.

The following examples explain the savings.


  • Convert 60% or more of your traditionally maintained commercial landscape into native plantings
  • Enhance your sustainability metrics and market the conversion as part of your Corporate Social Responsibility efforts
  • Reduce water runoff, eliminate use of gasoline for weekly mowing, and enhance biodiversity
  • Use maintenance savings to offset the cost of native plant installation and maintenance
  • Up to an 80% reduction in maintenance cost by year three of areas converted
  • Target 50% savings overall at year 3 compared to your current landscape maintenance expense
  • Enhance and beautify your current landscape
  • Plus potential LEED EB/O&M credits

Conversions can be paid for in several ways:

While there is a long term reduction in maintenance cost to the property owner, there is an initial cost of conversion approximately equal to the first two or three years of maintenance savings, depending on your current cost per acre and the conversion model used. The conversion of traditional turf areas to native plantings can be paid for in several ways.

1. Pay full costs at the time of conversion, and offset the conversion cost in lower maintenance expenses in succeeding years.

2. Keep your maintenance costs flat until the conversion is paid for out savings from reduced mowing costs. This allows the owner to make the conversion within current budget limits.

The model above is an example. Each project will be tailored based upon our customer’s needs. The important thing to remember is that native landscapes have a variety of benefits and are much more cost effective than traditional landscapes in a very short period. Bedrock Earthscapes,LLC looks forward to working with you to find a solution that fits your needs.

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